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What is Prostate Ultrasound & Biopsy?

We perform prostate ultrasound and biopsy through the rectum using a special probe about the size of an index finger. The doctor removes small samples of tissue from your prostate to test for cancer. It takes only a few minutes and requires no anesthesia. We use prostate ultrasound and biopsy to evaluate abnormal results from a digital rectal exam or an elevated prostate-specific antigen (PSA) blood test.

A prostate ultrasound probe produces harmless high-frequency sound waves that image the surface of the prostate. The results are recorded and video or photographic images of the prostate gland are created. The probe can image the prostate from different angles to help us determine the size of your prostate and detect abnormal growths.

During prostate ultrasound and biopsy we use tiny needles to sample tissue from several areas of the prostate then analyze those samples in the lab. The results of this test procedure help us diagnose diseases of the prostate. If we find prostate cancer, we will stage the cancer and determine its likelihood of metastasizing or spreading to other parts of the body.

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