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InterStim™ therapy uses a small device to send mild electrical pulses to a nerve located in the lower back (just above the tailbone). This nerve, called the sacral nerve, influences the bladder and surrounding muscles that manage urinary function. It also influences the bowel and it’s connection to the brain. The electrical stimulation may eliminate or reduce certain bladder control or bowel control symptoms in some people.

InterStim™ neurostimulation is designed for patients who will benefit from a smaller implanted device, and those who experience symptom control with low to moderate stimulation. We place the InterStim™ system surgically under the skin. We use it to treat urinary retention and other symptoms of an overactive bladder, including urinary urge incontinence and symptoms of urgency-frequency in combination, especially in patients who cannot tolerate more conservative treatments.

InterStim™ therapy can also be used for bowel control in the treatment of chronic fecal incontinence in patients who have not been helped by conservative treatments.

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InterStim™ neurostimulation procedure by The Wisconsin Institute of Urology Urologists Team serves patients in Neenah, Oshkosh, Fond Du Lac, New London, Shawano, & Waupaca, in Northeast Wisconsin

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